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Do Wa Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do...

there she was just a walkin' down the street singin'...

Is it E60 and Park or
EGO and Park

Somewhere Over the Rainbow....
That was my mom's favorite song. I used to hear her belting that out at the top of her lungs.  Man, could she sing. I remembered that song, and sure enough, it lead me to a place of dreams, to meet a man who calls himself the Tin Man, and is by trade, a tinner.  The little guy on the right here?  I discovered him not long ago, in a box in my mom's basement, buried under some tapes that hold the voices of many that have passed on and many that are still here.

Some say the ego leads you and some say it can't.  I say God lead me to know something so much bigger than myself was happening, that I had to believe it when I saw it for myself. My EGO lead me to believe that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE...and therefore, I believe that this little guy was meant for me to find. Dorothy found home when she clicked her ruby red slippers. The day after I met my beau...we had coffee where a pair of those red slippers sit high up on a shelf...I saw them, and now I look forward to being at home...yeah...I'd say par que. Everything was right before our eyes.
From "a walking a**" (doofendugel or DUGEL, as he portrayed at the time) to finding that "walk, walk ,walk to the water..." H2O Genius listing on
Three days before we met, I found this picture
a fence this same color was waiting in his yard for me.

We are now "walkin' down the street" more or less as "doofus",  a twiddle dee and twiddle dum in many ways....and all are just a smile away from knowing...
there really is a street of dreams.
A Posse Ad Esse.
All you need to do is believe!

Patrick's (also known as PM Cunningham) Tin Man of Madison site and

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Well, for those without faith, there really IS no supporting content...
IS there?