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Angelindaskyz: ser_iou_sly_un_ der'construct_ion ...
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D'ai log begins...
Ever wonder...what is really out there and how would we know it if it was, or is? An existential thing some might say...Descartean or a Paradox... consequently, if a double universe is in play, we would call it a Quadradox, the feminine version, of course...could it be a quadratrix or the quadratus maximum? Queries abound, it is that QUE thing again, like I wrote on my profile:
 as H2OGenius, "quixotic quantifier, quantum quencher, QT quadragenarian...quotable quo a "Q" kinda' mood."
Eyes Matter/You See

Some things matter and some things don't...

The real cauznefx is all in how you spell

to help you get the "full experience"....

I placed this ring
on road Music Pass (click picture) in Sangre de Cristo Mountains

FRODO mixed up the letters "r doof"



The word "paschat" tells you what is hidden in plain view.