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Gondolas in Venice; Size=240 pixels wide
Venetian Waters

If I decide to keep a weekly log, it'll be a miracle...
I am not coordinated to that existent.




D'Roof, D' Roof, D'Roof is on FIRE!

Click below and look in the grass; behind a rock
I was able to see the lion's eyes the second time. Can U?
go back to the d'ai link above and look again
I have outlined what I saw after I heard "Paschat"
Out of the blue the word "Paschat" came to me. The understanding that came was that it meant two things; one was lion, and the other was to "look behind the rock".  So when I did, I saw the lion behind the rock and have since outlined it in the picture.  Let me explain something about this picture too. I was traveling with someone up the Music Pass road and suddenly asked him to stop. I saw a lone tree on the left of the road...then, I got out of his truck and walked into the grass on the right side of Music Pass, saw the ring in the grass and placed it on the fence...calling it a grid line marker.  Why? I did not know. I did not see the lion in the grass at that time, nor did I the first time I looked at the pictures. Later another picture clued me in when I saw a hexagon in the sky in a picture I had not previously noticed it there either. Only when I went back to scan the pictures, did I hear and then see the lion. I listen differently now....I listened to what I heard that allowed me to find the Tin Man too. Oz concepts abound. Hmmm, Was I with the scarecrow, and met the lion and heard the squeaky tin? I wasn't in Kansas, and maybe it wasn't Colorado, but COLOR A DO...a rainbow which I followed to Madison, Indiana to my Tin Man, who just so happens to be a real tinner. LOL!