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The Short Story...
This is the place where I may begin to confuse you....see the little guy here on the right? I just found him the other day...curious story, one might say "coincidence"...

Went to my momma's house the other day...she went to the other side a few years ago, and in her house are many things that speak to me.  The day I found this guy was kinda' funny...I was collecting some pillows and materials from boxes in the basement, and usually feel "the presence" there.  When my momma passed, she left me a special key, which is a universal skeleton key, having a whole other story to go with that....In a box full of tapes of voices from the past, I saw a piece of metal sticking out, lifted the tape box and lo and behold, the top hatted man. I immediately had to laugh because of the signs on it, E60 ST. and PARK AVE.  Most of you would read it as that, but I read it as "EGO ST." and Park Ave. Without understanding the possibilities of the mind and ego, one might never get this story. Those that do will, and those that don't might.

I am an essayist for God, which means something different than what you might think...I photograph things in His order and then watch how life changes...manifestations come from places I go each day or conversation I have, generally showing up in documentable synchronistic events and maybe you should just go ahead now and look that up if you are not familiar with makes life fun.

Sentient beings inhabit our world and it doesn't matter how much proof I give you, unless you see how I work in synchronism at the computer with media you would not even begin to understand what I am talking about, and I am not trying to be coy, or overinflate my own ego...for now, I will tell you that to believe beyond your own understanding is only the beginning of what is must first understand that being out of the box is the biggest understatement of the milennium...

I am crazy enough to write an online journal.

Space Background with Welcome

Taking a break from work

This IS my job!

I am a listener...Ever hear of SETI AT Home? Instead of the SETI @home meaning Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence out THERE, maybe it really means ET's at home, on this planet ...whaddya think?



A Few of My Favorite Movies?
The Nightmare Before Christmas...yeah, Jack!
Shawshank Redemption...fav part when the music plays.
Shrek...see a pattern here?
Neverending Story...

Fav Musical Group:
Train...go figure.
Fav Song...I Can Only Imagine...

I can only imagine

What it will be like

When I walk by Your side.

I can only imagine

What my eyes will see

When Your face is before me...

I can only imagine.