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I know age is important to some, so my human factor is 49, and I am generally asked to prove it, so my driver's license is kept up to date.  The image to the right is current and my beau might call this evidence of the little old lady that I am. I exhibit testing the rhythms of life and a new relationship. I have been asked by a member of Abraham and Crimson Circles if  I am an ET so of course, knowing that we all come from someplace promptly agreed so no suspicions would arise. A friend recently asked me to attend these meetings with her, so in addition to the two church services  I attend on Sunday mornings an awful lot of people are trying to get me to agree with their particular point of view. At times I  feel like an alien. I am taller than the typical little green men generally described in UFO lore at 5 foot 2 on good days and 5 foot 4 when wearing special shoes. I think the value placed on presentation is interesting.

I have this site because I am a link in the chain and part of a consciousness that some have no idea exists. If you have a few moments to look up the Hundredth Monkey to explain this, please follow the link.  I am not the 100th monkey but will someday reveal where the 100th is:
Part of the knowledge that comes through awareness is in leaving that which is already in place in place for others to see.  I chose to leave the picture to the right because as the cursor glides over it, one sees something pertinent in the information.  That is how consciousness works...some of us have been instructed to use that which is already in place to show how the next step in evolution occurs.


People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide

Here's one of my favorite "planets":

and speaking of other planets...
Here are a couple of characters roaming, or would that be rovering, on Mars these days, named Spirit and Opportunity....well, some things speak that way

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